wastlend 760 Wasteland Digital C-type print, Matt Rowe 2013

Though out the prosper experiment stage I have been keen to capture a representation of the landscape that surrounds Folkestone’s harbour. I have explored various sight lines in and around the port, considering the harbours role as a transitional gate way to the trenches on the front line.

‘Wasteland’ is the culmination of my investigations. The image was created entirely in camera by experimenting with long exposure techniques. The production of the image was relatively simple, a pice of photographic film was exposed for approx 20 minuets allowing motion and time to bleed in to the films emulsion.

The image depicts the Folkestone harbour light house acting as a beacon during in a resent snow blizzard. The shard of light from the harbour lighthouse repeatedly illuminates the drifts of white show as it passes across the horizon.

‘Wasteland’ follows in romantic traditions of the northern style of landscape painting.
The quality of light emitted produces a dramatic effect that resonates with surreal aspects of Paul Nash’s WW1 battle field landscape paintings.

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