Exhibition Text Matt Rowe

As part of prosper projects I have been developing a series of visual experiments in response to the theme of ‘Time Bleeds’. My investigations centre around our projects core question ‘what happens if we forget?

Though archival research and discussions within the time bleeds collective I have begun to consider how historical accounts of war have traditionally offered a romanticised perspective.

As the rawness of the great war has become softened by time and the ruins of the WW1 battlefields are reclaimed by nature, a generational gap expands. Time Bleeds has developed a series of experiments using film, photography and sculpture. To explore if there is an inevitable social detachment from the human sacrifice made by so many.

The works I have chosen to present for the experiment phase of the project begin to question if we are subconsciously mythologising historical events of WW1 in the romantic tradition?

Through the process of remembering, to what degree are we offering a selective perspective? Similarly, are commemorative events and the fragmented accounts that form our archives a dramatisation?

The three works I’m presenting at the end of our experiment phase are abstract responses, establishing a system that splices together strands of archival research with found objects and photographic experiments to create an imagined landscape where Time Bleeds amongst the ruins of post colonialism.


A process led investigation that explores experimental exposure techniques capturing motion in landscape photography.


A sculptural structure that exists in a grey area between temporal migrant camp and commemorative monolith . Obscure is a temporary interactive assemblage that considers the shift in Folkestone’s social and cultural landscape as Belgium refugees began arrive in the town during the outbreak of WW1.


Considers the act of watching. Exploring systems of concealment in the age of total war. The Sentinel series explores unlikely parallels between camouflage, European folkloric costume and video post production.

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